The University Park Undergraduate Association was formed in 2006 to work to improve student life for all undergraduate students at Penn State University Park. The UPUA’s goal is to improve all facets of student life and works to provide students representation at the highest levels of administration and build programs to benefit of undergraduates at University Park.

     The UPUA’s structure mimics that of the Federal Government. The legislative branch, the General Assembly, authors and votes on legislation on behalf of the student body. The Executive Branch enacts the legislation and carries the charges within each respective piece. Additionally, the Executive Branch is responsible for maintaining the day-to-day operations of the UPUA, as well as running several established departments, such as the Student Financial Education Center, the Student Conduct Advisors program, and the Freshmen Council.  Finally, the UPUA’s Judicial Board presides over all internal conflicts that may arise, as well as ensuring the UPUA does not violate any of the governing documents which it must abide by.

The UPUA General Assembly meets Wednesdays at 7:00pm EST via Zoom. Zoom links are distributed via our Twitter account (@UPUA) prior to every meeting. Meetings are open to the public and include an open student forum for constituents to share any sentiment they may wish to the organization.

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