November 14, 2019

Student Life

The Student Life Committee works on initiatives related, but not limited to sexual assault, diversity, and mental health. They host multiple events throughout the year such as Mental Health and Wellness Week and Sexual Violence Awareness Week in order to bring to light issues that are plaguing Penn State students. They have worked on comprehensive reports on Diversity & Inclusion at Penn State, examining the cultural climate at the University Park campus.

Every year, the Student Life Committee hosts multiple awareness weeks. The newest addition to UPUA’s programming is International Student Acclamation Week. During International Student Acclamation Week, the UPUA works to help International Students get to know each other & the State College Area.

Student Life also presents two weeks on spreading awareness around sexual violence on college campuses. Red Zone Action Week occurs in the fall semester and spreads awareness to first years about the Red Zone. The Red Zone refers to the first six weeks of the academic year where students are more likely to be sexually assaulted. In the spring semester, Student Life has Sexual Violence and Prevention Week. The purpose of this week is to provide students the resources and awareness to prevent sexual violence.

During the Fall, Student Life runs Financial Resources Education & Efforts Week (FREE Week). For FREE Week, the UPUA hosts a dinner at Abba Java, encourages donating to the Professional Attire Closet, and has people volunteer at the Lion’z Pantry.

Mental Health Awareness Week is another programming week run by Student Life. Members of the UPUA provides the student body with mental health resources (like CAPS) and encourages them to destress.


Chair of Student Life Committee:

Jacob Klipstein

Vice Chair of Student Life Committee:

YuNa Choi

Director of Student Life:

Brad Edwards

The Student Life Committee is headed by the Assembly-elected Chair of Student Life and the Committee-elected Vice Chair of Student Life. The Student Life Committee is assisted in its work by the Director of Student Life in the Executive Branch. These three people form the core leadership of the Student Life Committee.

The Department of Student Life, in addition to the Director, also contains Student Life Executive Board Members. Each member work on 1-2 assigned initiatives, complete a passion project, and staff tabling events hosted by the Student Life Committee. To read more about this position or apply go to


  • Create an Office for Student Poverty
  • Increase Accessibility to Affordable STI Testing
  • Create a Yearly Sexual Violence Awareness and Prevention Theme
  • Streamline Emergency Management Information for Students
  • Continued Support to the Professional Attire Closet
  • Improve International Student Acclimation
  • Work to Create a Student Advocacy Team
  • Create a Wellness Chair Position for Student Organizations
  • Provide Support to RSO’s during the Student Conduct Process
  • S-Book Revamp
  • Create a Student Bill of Rights
  • Promote Information About Tim’s Law
  • Create Financial Literacy Resources with Admissions
  • Create Global Awareness and Competency Training for Student Orgs
  • Create a Poverty Fund
  • Create a Student Support Network
  • Host “Celebrate State” Event
  • Continue to Advocate for a More Inclusive Admissions Process
  • Promote Resources to Transition & Transfer Students
  • Find a Permanent, Long-Term Location for CAPS

Contact Information

All questions and concerns on these matters and others similar to them can be sent to Chair Klipstein at