Student Engagement Resources

Volunteer Oppertunities was created as a way to bring together Penn State’s service organizations’ events and projects. It serves as a place where students can go to learn more about Penn State’s service organizations and signup to participate in many of their events. It also serves as a tool for the service organizations to make promotion and signup for their events easier.

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Clubs and Organizations

One of the best ways to get involved at Penn State is to join a student organization. With over 1,000 recognized student organizations, there are plenty of opportunities to find something to connect with. If you would like to start your own student organization, you can find out how to do that here as well! Student organizations have proven to have a significant impact on a college students’ experience. Student organizations offer opportunities to learn, engage in multiple communities, and of course, to have some fun!

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The Involvement Fair

The Involvement Fair is one of the best opportunities to get involved in campus life at Penn State. Student Organizations set up displays and have members on site talk to visitors one on one about what their organization does on campus. Involvement in co-curricular experiences is one of the most important parts of having a successful college career! You will make friends, learn all about Penn State, and develop invaluable skills you will use in life beyond Penn State. There are over 1,000 student organizations to choose from. Wondering where to start? Start at the Involvement Fair!

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University Park Allocation Committee

The mission of the University Park Allocation Committee (UPAC) is to objectively and effectively allocate a portion of the Student Fee towards events, travel experiences, equipment, and other items requested by University Park affiliated organizations or individuals that will ultimately enhance student life, add value to the out-of-class experience, and/or improve the educational climate at the University Park campus.

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University Park Student Fee Board

Each year, students pay one comprehensive fee referred to as the Student Fee that supports student-centered activities, services, facilities, and recreation to improve student life. The University Park Student Fee Board has a primary mission to determine an amount, collect, and distribute that money in an equitable, neutral, and timely manner. The University Park Student Fee Board is comprised of 12 voting members: 4 from the UPUA, 3 from the GPSA, and 5 At-Large members.

Current UPUA Student Fee Board Members are Laura McKinney,  Tyler Akers, Jake Griggs, and Adeline Mishler.

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