November 14, 2019


In an effort to improve relations with outside organizations and marginalized communities, the 12th assembly created the sub-committee on Outreach. This committee builds relationships with organization through planning collaboration opportunities. Some of the many initiatives the Outreach committee has pursued include a Tri-Caucus dinner with Penn State’s multicultural caucuses and a Meet & Greet with the Black Student Union. Over the next year, the committee plans to accomplish a wide variety of initiatives including the expansion of #YouAreWelcomeHere onto campus and a variety of Mondays with McKinney events throughout the year!

One of the largest events Outreach puts on is World Culture Week. Starting in the 10th Assembly as World Culture Day, the purpose of this event is to celebrate diversity and increase cultural awareness on campus. In conjunction with diverse group of student organizations on campus, the UPUA runs a multitude of events throughout the week. This culminates with a Global Potluck in the HUB at the end of the week.

A new program started this year by Outreach is Penn State Pals. This project was created by a joint effort between the UPUA and the International Student Council. Penn State Pals matches up new International Students with current students at University Park to help foster friendship and a sense of belonging at Penn State. For more information go to


Chair of Outreach Committee:

Lexy Pathickal

Vice Chair of Outreach Committee:

Aphrodite Biswas

Director of Outreach Committee:

Rachel Chormanski

The Outreach Committee is headed by the President-appointed Chair of Outreach and the Committee-elected Vice Chair of Outreach. The Outreach Committee is assisted in its work by the Director of Outreach in the Executive Branch. These three people form the core leadership of the Outreach Committee.

Due to Outreach’s status as a sub-committee of the other committees in the General Assembly, all four of the Vice Chairs of the other Committees also serve on Outreach. Their purpose on Outreach is to increase collaboration among the committees.

The Department of Outreach, in addition to the Director, also contains Outreach Executive Board Members. Each member work on 1-2 assigned initiatives, complete a passion project, and staff tabling events hosted by the Outreach Committee. To read more about this position or apply go to


“Educate, Connect, Collaborate”

  • “Educate, Connect, Collaborate”
  • Monthly Meet and Greets
  • Mondays with McKinney
  • World Culture Week
  • Penn State Pals
  • Values Posters Around Campus

Contact Information

All questions and concerns on these matters and others similar to them can be sent to Chair Pathickal at