Speaker of the Assembly

Steven Zhang

Speaker of the Assembly

The Speaker of the Assembly is the head and recognized voice of the UPUA’s General Assembly of Student Representatives. They work in collaboration with the President and Vice President to develop goals for the committees as well as set the agenda for Assembly sessions. They are assisted in leading the Assembly by The Steering Committee. The Steering Committee is chaired by the Speaker and maintains the four Chairs of the Core Committees as full members. The President, Vice-President, Director of Records, Director of Communications, Chief of Staff, and Chief Justice are each non-voting members of The Steering Committee. The Steering Committee is in charge of looking over all legislation passed by the committees.

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For those watching the television and keeping track of what’s happening at the Capitol Building, please keep calm and keep the faith. Our country’s form of self-government is a fragile experiment, the boundaries of which are certainly being tested today.

Executive Order 03 – Authorizing the UPUA Records Department to Gift All Undergraduate Student Government (USG) and UPUA Records to the University Libraries @UPUA @psulibs

Read More: http://upua.org/2020/12/executive-order-03-authorizing-the-records-department-to-gift-all-usg-and-upua-records-to-the-university-libraries/

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