November 25, 2014

Freshman Council

Freshman Council is the UPUA’s introductory program that takes 20 to 30 first year students based off of an application and interview process. The program allows students to learn more about the UPUA and Penn State as a whole, while simultaneously learning and building leadership, managerial, and problem solving skills. Members meet weekly to discuss current events, Penn State history, the UPUA, student governance, work on projects related to improving student life, and engage in discourse with notable Penn State figures.


Freshman Council Directors:

Garrett Warmbein,

Madeline Fortin,

Freshman Council Members:

Alexandra Kohr
Arianna Deng
Bailey Laman
Ben Cutler
Brad Edwards
Cara Dunfee
Celeste Fernandes
Chelsey Wood
Christiana Bethman
Colsen Ackroyd
Daniel Terek
Helia Hosseinpour
Jeremy Perdomo
Julius Holbert
Laura McKinney
Luis Campos
Madisyn Lloyd
Matthew Crawford
Molly Borowski
Nikko Genoese
Noah Sims
Noah Smith
Panini Pandya
Paul Hoffman
Peter Rinehart
Robert (Jake) Griggs
Sagar Patel
Samantha Schurman
Shawn Burke
Sophie Haiman
Spencer Davis
Thomas Beeby
Tomas Sanchez
Tyler Akers
Will Dunn
Will Lusk