November 14, 2019


The Facilities Committee serves to better campus life for all students, specifically in regards to University facilities and structures located at University Park. Members of this committee also sit on a number of advisory committees, including the HUB Space Allocation Committee, Campus Recreation Advisory Council, and the Transportation Commission.

One of The Facilities Committee’s annual projects is the “Penn State What to Fix (PSU WTF) Campaign.” During this campaign, students submit their suggestions on how to improve campus life through a Qualtrics. On “What to Fix Day” (WTF Day), the UPUA sets up a table on the HUB Ground Floor Stage. After students fill out the Qualtrics survey, they can spin the prize wheel and win a prize.


Chair of Facilities Committee:

Marlowe Galbraith

Vice Chair of Facilities Committee:

Sarah Jordan

Director of Facilities:

Harry Weidner

The Facilities Committee is headed by the Assembly-elected Chair of Facilities and the Committee-elected Vice Chair of Facilities. The Facilities Committee is assisted in its work by the Director of Facilities in the Executive Branch. These three people form the core leadership of the Facilities Committee.


  • Advocate for More Inclusive Spaces on Campus
  • Student Transportation in the Highlands
  • Break Housing Reform
  • More Accessible Parking for Student Athletes
  • Prescription Medication Dropbox
  • Creation of an Emergency Meal Fund
  • Increase Water Accessibility during Major Events
  • Continue to Advocate for Virtual Tours
  • Police Department Communications
  • Placement of “Bookstore” Vending Machine in HUB
  • More Diversified Options in the Commons’ Markets
  • Expansion of Free Menstrual Products to More High-Traffic Buildings
  • Increase Accessibility to Sustainable Options
  • Work with the Administration to Achieve High-Level Green Goals

Contact Information

All questions and concerns on these matters and others similar to them can be sent to Chair Galbraith at