The Cabinet

The Cabinet is an advisory body to the UPUA President consisting of the heads of the various UPUA’s Executive Departments. The members of the Cabinet are appointed by the President and confirmed by the General Assembly of Student Representatives, and serve as the President’s closest confidants. The Cabinet also consists of the UPUA Vice President and the UPUA President’s Chief of Staff. In addition to serving as an advisory group, the Cabinet vets all Director appointments within the Executive Departments. All members of the Cabinet (except the Vice President and Chief of Staff) take the title “Executive Director” of their Department. The Chief of Staff also serves as the Director of Finance, as currently stipulated by the UPUA’s Constitution. 

Current Cabinet Members

Vice President: Lexy Pathickal

Executive Director of Civic Engagement: Grace Harnett

Acting Executive Director of Finance: Michael Mitole

Executive Director of Outreach: Aphrodite Biswas

Executive Director of Records: Nikhil Choudhuri

Acting Executive Director of Sustainability: Rene Richardson

Executive Director of the First-Year Council: Cathy Zhou

Executive Director of the Student and Organization Rights Advisors (SORA): Lewis Richardson

Acting Executive Director of Communications: Aphrodite Biswas

President’s Chief of Staff: Michael Mitole

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