Department Leadership

Ker Sidhu
Executive Director of Sustainability

Ker Sidhu (she/her/hers) is the UPUA Department of Sustainability’s Executive Director of Sustainability. Ker is a junior majoring in Industrial Engineering and pursuing minors in Economics and Sociology. In the UPUA Department of Sustainability, she is responsible for overseeing the Department’s internal development, planning partnerships with other organizations and entities, and creating a positive work environment for the UPUA Department of Sustainability’s various Directors. Ker’s tenacity and dedication to sustainable progress, as well as her knowledge of all facets of sustainability, enable the Department’s success. 

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Lauren Smith
Director of Project Management

Lauren Smith (she/her/hers) is the Department of Sustainability’s Director of Project Management. She is a junior majoring in Statistics, with minors in Math, Economics, and Environmental and Renewable Resource Economics. Lauren supports the Directors within the Department of Sustainability by aiding with identifying, planning for, and benchmarking projects; through ensuring that the initiatives within the Department are well documented, Lauren builds a strong foundation for the Department’s future success, too. 

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Sustainability in University Operations

Anne Lai
Director of Sustainable Waste Management

Anne Lai (she/her/hers) is the UPUA Director of Sustainable Waste Management. Anne is a sophomore studying Landscape Architecture from Toronto, Canada. Through her role in the UPUA, Anne is tasked with understanding waste processes and problems at Penn State, as well as researching and developing initiatives that create solutions to these problems; Anne has a specific interest in examining food waste. Anne is also involved in Penn State EcoReps as a member of the Dining Committee and is working on a research project about student behavioral changes with members of the Sustainability Institute.

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Kelly Matuszewski
Director of Sustainable Materials and Products

Kelly Matuszewski (she/her/hers) is the UPUA Director of Sustainable Materials and Products. Kelly is a junior studying Material Sciences. In UPUA, Kelly is responsible for assessing life cycle analyses (LCAs) and making recommendations that interrogate irresponsible use and sale of unsustainable packaging and products on campus. Kelly also serves as Vice President of Women in Earth and Mineral Sciences (WEMS), on the EMS Student Council, and is involved in Dr. Robert Hickey’s Research Group. 

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Hailey Johnson
Director of Corporate Partnerships

Hailey Johnson (she/her/hers) is the UPUA Director of Corporate Partnerships. Hailey is a junior studying Actuarial Science in the Smeal College of Business. In UPUA, Hailey is responsible for assessing external companies’ sustainability efforts as well as championing meaningful collaboration to further sustainability efforts on campus. She is particularly interested in building new relationships with companies that prioritize sustainability efforts.  Outside of UPUA, Hailey serves as the Social Media Lead for Sunrise State College and is a tutor for LionTutors. 

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Benjamin Aronson
Director of Sustainable Transportation

Benjamin Aronson (he/him/his) is the UPUA Director of Sustainable Transportation. Benjamin is a junior studying Materials Science and Engineering. Through his role in UPUA, Benjamin sits on the Student Leader Transportation Commission to provide a sustainability-minded student perspective on transportation decisions. He is also responsible for interrogating transportation-linked decisions within the UPUA for sustainability considerations and developing initiatives that create sustainable transportation infrastructure. Outside of the UPUA, Benjamin co-founded a nonprofit organization, Young Chefs, Inc., to prepare and deliver homemade meals to women undergoing breast cancer treatment. 

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Rene Richardson
Director of Educational Equity

Learn more about Rene soon!

Aayush Dalal
Social Media Manager

Learn more about Aayush soon!

Sustainability in the University Community

Erin Brown
Director of Sexual Assault and Misconduct Prevention

Erin Brown (she/her/hers) is the UPUA Director of Sexual Assault and Misconduct Prevention. Erin is senior studying Communication Arts and Sciences and Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies. In UPUA, Erin advises the leadership team and works with Sarabeth to construct long-term projects. Erin has advocated extensively for education for incoming students and increased support for survivors, and was recently named a Penn State nominee for the Truman Scholarship and received a Rock Ethics Institute Stand Up Award for her previous work. 

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