November 24, 2014

Executive Branch

The Executive Branch of the UPUA is appointed and lead by the President and Vice President. They are charged with enacting legislation passed by the General Assembly, as well as maintaining and improving the UPUA’s standing departments. The Chief of Staff is appointed by the President to maintain the day-to-day operations of the UPUA, and oversees all of the Executive Directors and Departments.

 Chief Executives

Terry Ford, President,

Katie Jordan, Vice-President,

Jennifer Heckman, Chief of Staff,

Executive Directors & Departments

   Department of Communications:

 Colin Murtha, Director of Communications

 Zachary Jones, Associate Director

 Sarah Kim, Press Secretary

 Larissa Gil, Press Secretary

 Emma Curtis, Social Media Manager

 Laura Kaeppel, Graphic Designer

 Joel Schuck, Webmaster

   Department of Records:

 Brooke Novotnak, Director of Records

   Department of Finance:

 Chintin Shaw, Director of Finance

   Committee Directors:

 Misha Demchuk, Director of Student Life

 Aubrey Swanson, Director of Academic Affairs

 Cody Heaton, Director of Facilities

 Courtney Hummel, Director of Governmental Affairs

 Simone Yaghi, Director of Sexual Violence Prevention & Awareness

 Garrett Warmbein, Director of Mental Health & Wellness