November 24, 2014

Executive Branch

The Executive Branch of the UPUA is appointed and lead by the President and Vice President. They are charged with enacting legislation passed by the General Assembly, as well as maintaining and improving the UPUA’s standing departments. The Chief of Staff is appointed by the President to maintain the day-to-day operations of the UPUA, and oversees all of the Executive Directors and Departments.

Chief Executives

President of the Student Body:

Laura McKinney

Vice President of the Student Body:

Jake Griggs

Chief of Staff:

Ben Cutler

Executive Directors and Departments

Liza Buschinski, Director of Communications,

David Pool, Director of Records,

Brady Feuer, Director of Governmental Affairs,

Brad Edwards, Director of Student Life,

   Department of Communications:

Elizabeth Grobinski, Photographer,

Sebastian Kukielka, Videographer,