November 24, 2014

Executive Branch

The Executive Branch of the UPUA is appointed and lead by the President and Vice President. They are charged with enacting legislation passed by the General Assembly, as well as maintaining and improving the UPUA’s standing departments. The Chief of Staff is appointed by the President to maintain the day-to-day operations of the UPUA, and oversees all of the Executive Directors and Departments.

Chief Executives

President of the Student Body:

Laura McKinney

Vice President of the Student Body:

Jake Griggs

Chief of Staff:

Ben Cutler

Executive Directors and Departments

The Directors & Departments of Internal Operations:

Director of Records
Taylor Weekes
Director of Development and Alumni Relations
Director of Assembly Wellness
David Weiss
Director of Development and Alumni Relations Bhavin Shah
Associate Director of Technology
Ryan Loscalzo
Director of Freshman Council
Celeste Fernandez
Director of Freshman Council
Sophie Haiman

The Directors & Departments of Internal Operations are tasked with developing the UPUA’s personal systems. The Department of Records maintains records for all entities of the UPUA and distributes them to the student body. Department of Technology runs the UPUA’s website and aids the Assembly with building out technology. The Department of Development and Alumni Relations maintains communication UPUA’s alumni and helps current members develop professionally. The Department of Assembly Wellness is responsible for ensuring members of the UPUA manage their stress and take care of themselves. The Directors of Freshman Council are responsible for developing out the UPUA’s first year student government internship program.

The Directors & Departments of Committees and Initiatives:

Director of Academic Affairs
Arwa Hararwala
Director of Facilities
Harry Weidner
Director of Governmental Affairs
Brady Feuer
Director of Student Life
Brad Edwards
Director of Outreach
Rachel Chormanski
Director of Sustainability
Nora Van Horn
Director of Educational Equity
Kazi Asifa Ashrafi

The Directors & Departments of Committees and Initiatives are tasked with executing the legislation of the General Assembly. Each Director and their staff work closely with their respective committee to put their initiatives into practice. All programming efforts of each committee are executed by the Director and their Department. Although The Department of Sustainability and The Department of Educational Equity do not have corresponding committees, they each respectively work with the Facilities Committee and Academic Affairs Committee.

The Director & Department of Communications:

Director of Communications
Liza Buschinski
Associate Director of Communications
Elizabeth Grobinski
Graphic Designer
Gabrielle Ciraolo
Graphic Designer
Megan Kiel
Press Secretary
Hunter Anderson
Advertising Specialist
Ainur Imankulova
Social Media Manager
Brouklin Alger

The Director & Department of Communications are in charge of disseminating information about the UPUA to the undergraduate student body. The Press Secretary is tasked with maintaining the UPUA’s relationship with the various media outlets around campus. The Social Media Manager manages the Facebook & Twitter accounts of the UPUA and live tweets during the General Assembly Meetings. The Graphic Designer designs various logos, flyers, and infographics for the publicity of UPUA events and activities. The Photographers and Videographers produce and collect all media for UPUA related events.