Committee on Steering

The Steering Committee consists of the chairs of the General Assembly’s five standing committees, and is itself chaired by the Speaker of the Assembly — each committee chair serving as a voting member on the Steering Committee. The committee meets to discuss overarching progress on the General Assembly’s legislative agenda, to review legislation following its passage through one of the five standing committees and before going to the floor of the General Assembly, and to vet Executive Directors of the UPUA’s various Executive Departments, presidential nominations to the Judicial Board, and other legislative vacancies prior to their confirmation by the General Assembly. Also invited to the Steering Committee are the UPUA President, the UPUA Vice President, the Executive Director of Communications, the Executive Director of Outreach, the Chief Justice of the Judicial Board, and the UPUA President’s Chief of Staff.


Chair of the Steering Committee:

Steven Zhang

Contact Information

To contact the Steering Committee, please email the chair at