November 25, 2014

General Assembly



 The General Assembly is comprised of elected and appointed members who serve to represent the undergraduate student body at Penn State University Park. Every academic college has one representative elected to represent the students within that college. Additionally, there are 20 At-Large Representatives tasked with acting in the best interest of all undergraduate students. Finally, here are six (6) special interest seats filled to provide a unique perspective to the UPUA’s General Assembly.The General Assembly researches and writes legislation in Committee, and once passed by the respective committee, the legislation is brought to the floor to be voted on by all members either as a Policy, a Resolution, or a Bill.


 Speaker of Assembly: Alexander Shockley

The UPUA’s Assembly maintains and operates four committees that seek to continually improve the lives of students at the university. Each committee has specific functions within the organization and is headed by a Chair and Vice Chair. The four Chairs, the Speaker, the President , the Vice President, and other members of the Executive Board form the Steering Committee, which overlooks all legislation passed by the committees. Questions or comments for Speaker Shockley can be directed to

Chair of Student Life Committee: Kyra Rogan

The Student Life Committee works on initiatives related, but not limited to sexual assault, diversity, and mental health. They host multiple events throughout the year such as Mental Health and Wellness Week and Sexual Violence Awareness Week in order to bring to light issues that are plaguing Penn State students. They have worked on comprehensive reports on Diversity & Inclusion at Penn State, examining the cultural climate at the University Park campus. Any questions or concerns regarding these issues, contact Chair Rogan at

Chair of Academic Affairs Committee: Samantha Geisinger

The Academic Affairs Committee is one of five sub-divisions of the University Park Undergraduate Association’s legislative branch. It serves as a forum to focus student concerns regarding academia and undergraduate education. All academic college representatives are required to sit on the Academic Affairs Committee. This committee also works closely with the Faculty-Senate. Comments or concerns regarding these issues, contact Chair Geisinger at

Chair of Governmental Affairs Committee: Shawn Bengali

The Governmental Affairs Committee oversees all issues pertaining to the local, state, and federal levels of government. Furthermore, the committee addresses issues within the realm of the Penn State Board of Trustees. The committee’s initiatives vary, including anything from Penn State tuition to Pennsylvania support for higher education. Through advocacy and legislative outreach, the committee seeks to better student life at all levels of government. All questions and concerns can be sent to Chair Bengali at

Chair of Facilities Committee: Brent Rice

The Facilities Committee serves to better campus life for all students, specifically in regards to University facilities and structures located at University Park. Members of this committee also sit on a number of advisory committees, including the Facilities Fee Advisory Board, in which they collaborate with other organizations and faculty on how the Facilities Fee will be allocated for the year. Any questions or comments regarding Penn State facilities, contact Chair Rice at

At Large Representatives:

Shawn Bengali
Ben Cutler
Andrew George
Rachel Harrison
Kyleigh Higie
Nick Karafilis
Reagan McCarthy
Fernando Mendez
Nathanial Pentz
Johnna Purcell
Brent Rice
Zachary Robinson
Kyra Rogan
Bhavin Shah
Michael Straw
Sarah Tarczewski
Andrew Uhring
Isaac Will
Jorge Zurita-Coronado

College Representatives:

Agricultural Science – Jonathan Stephens
Arts and Architecture – Andrew Ahr
Communications – Laura McKinney
Division of Undergraduate Studies – Maura Ellsworth
Earth and Mineral Sciences – Lydia Scheel
Eberly College of Science – Samantha Geisinger
Education – Claire Kelley
Health & Human Development – Alexander Shockley
Liberal Arts – Erik Zavala
Engineering – Vansh Prabhu
Schreyer Honors – Jack Shean
Smeal College of Business – Timothy Farley
Nursing – George Samuel
Information Sciences and Technology – James Boyle

Greek Life Representatives:

Samantha Bentrim – Panhellenic (PHC)
Malachi Burden – National Panhellenic (NPHC)
Karina Soto – Multicultural Greek Council (MGC)
Matthew Marano – Interfraternity Council (IFC)