November 25, 2014

General Assembly

As the Legislative Branch of the UPUA, the General Assembly is comprised of elected and appointed members who serve to represent the undergraduate student body at Penn State University Park. Every academic college has one representative elected to represent the students within that college. Additionally, there are 20 At-Large Representatives tasked with acting in the best interest of all undergraduate students. Finally, there are several community group representative seats filled to provide a unique perspective to the UPUA’s General Assembly. The General Assembly researches and writes legislation in Committee, and once passed by the respective committee, the legislation is brought to the floor to be voted on by all members either as a Policy, a Resolution, or a Bill.

Assembly Leadership

Speaker of the Assembly

Tom Sarabok

The head and recognized voice of the General Assembly is the Speaker. They work in collaboration with the President and Vice President to develop goals for the committees as well as set the agenda for Assembly sessions. They are assisted in leading the Assembly by The Steering Committee. The Steering Committee is chaired by the Speaker and maintains the four Chairs of the Core Committees as full members. The President, Vice-President, Director of Records, Director of Communications, Chief of Staff, and Chief Justice are each non-voting members of The Steering Committee. The Steering Committee is in charge of looking over all legislation passed by the committees.

Standing Committees

Standing Committees are subdivisions of the General Assembly tasked with creating legislation. The UPUA maintains five standing committees: four Standing CORE committees and The Sub-Committee on Outreach. The Academic Affairs Committee serves as a forum to focus student concerns regarding academia and undergraduate education. The Facilities Committee serves to better campus life for all students, specifically in regards to University facilities and structures located at University Park. The Governmental Affairs Committee oversees all matters pertaining to advocacy and relations to the government and the Penn State Board of Trustees. The Sub-Committee on Outreach is responsible for building relationships between the UPUA & the student body as well as increase inclusively on campus. To learn more about each committee click the links below:

At-Large Representatives

At-Large Representative
Tyler Akers
At-Large Representative
Aphrodite Biswas
At-Large Representative
Erin Boas
At-Large Representative
Rodney Burgwin
At-Large Representative
YuNa Choi
At-Large Representative
Marlowe Galbraith
At-Large Representative
Anthony Guzzo
At-Large Representative
Sarah Jordan
At-Large Representative
Jacob Klipstein
At-Large Representative
Tyler Ladzinski
At-Large Representative
Zachary McKay
At-Large Representative
Genevievre Miller
At-Large Representative
Adeline Mishler
At-Large Representative
Percy Mottley III
At-Large Representative
Danny Muldowney
At-Large Representative
Daniel Risser
At-Large Representative
Lexy Pathickal
At-Large Representative
Katherine Schaberl
At-Large Representative
Alejandra Trejo
At-Large Representative
Steven Zhang

Academic Representatives

College of Agricultural Science
Michael Zaffuto
College of Arts and Architecture
Alex Wu
Bellisario College of Communications
Alexis Burke
College of Earth and Mineral Sciences
Amanda Byrd
Eberly College of Science
Diego Santos
College of Education
Chelsey Wood
College of Engineering
Sydney Gibbard
College of Health & Human Development
Paty Birungi
College of Information Sciences and Technology
Isabella Webster
College of Liberal Arts
Helia Hosseinpour
College of Nursing
Kelly Snyder
Division of Undergraduate Studies
Emmanuel Almonte
Schreyer Honors College
Lewis Richardson
Smeal College of Business
Tom Sarabok

Community Group Representatives

Asian Pacific Islander Desi American (APIDA) Caucus
Yoo Jin Jeong
Black Caucus
Edred Richardson
Latino Caucus
Tomás Sanchez
Interfraternity Council (IFC)
Daniel Corcoran
Multicultural Greek Council (MGC)
Kenny Casals
National Panhellenic Council (NPHC)
Troi Pryor
Panhellenic Council (PHC)
Cathy Minnette-Zhou

The UPUA strives to represent Penn State as well as possible. Our community seats are crucial to that mission. Each RSO that is vetted by the Judicial Board and confirmed by a 2/3rd vote in the Assembly gains a community group seat. Any RSO who would like to apply or reapply for a seat in the assembly can find the application here.

*In addition to the current Community Group Seats, The LGBTQA Student Roundtable and International Student Council (ISC) will have seats in the 15th Assembly

First-Year Representatives

First-Year Representative
Najee Rodriguez
First-Year Representative
Kara Doluisio

Support Staff

Trent Abbate

The General Assembly enlists a number of staffers to directly assist it in its duties. The Speaker has the authority to appoint, with majority approval of the UPUA, people to the Assembly Support Staff. The Parliamentarian is a member of the Support Staff that provides advice to the General Assembly on matters concerning parliamentary procedure.