January 25, 2019

Alcohol Awareness

Alcohol undoubtedly plays a role on college campuses around the country. It’s crucial that Penn State students know how to be safe when in the presence of alcohol.

Tim’s Law

On October 22, Governor Wolf signed Senate Bill 1090 into law. The bill is also known as, “Tim’s Law,” in memory of Penn State student Timothy Piazza, who died as a result of hazing in 2017.

Timothy Piazza

The legislature introduces safe harbor from prosecution for persons who:

  1. Notify emergency services that another person is in need of medical attention to prevent death or bodily injury
  2. Reasonably believe to be the first person to notify emergency services
  3. Provided their name to emergency services when contact with emergency services is initiated
  4. Remained with the person who is in need of medical attention until emergency services arrive